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All races unless otherwise announced by the judges shall be governed by the Inland Lake Yachting Association rules.

It is recommended that all skippers read and know all of these rules. Any sailor will be allowed to change any equipment

during the season provided that it will not break any other I.L.Y.A. rules. Any sailors invited to a special Regatta shall be given

their average points for races missed. Approval must be obtained from the Sailing Chairman in advance. Anyone who is not a

member in good standing may not skipper a yacht in any race at which an OLC trophy is to be awarded with the exception

with the regattas – and then only if they are members of a yacht club belonging to the ILWA, the WAY or the USSA. 


Sailing Rules

Motor boats are requested to avoid running at such speed as to cause their wake to interfere with racing yachts.

They are also requested not to moor on the leeward side of the Club pier when races are scheduled.

A program fee of $75.00 will be charged to each MC boat to defray trophy and supply costs.



It is expected that each member of the judging team will report to the club at least 45 minutes before the firing

of the assembly gun for the first race. It is further expected that each judge will arrange for his or her own substitute

in the event that he or she is unable to be present for any reason at a race to which his or her team is assigned.

Good judging is a prime requisite to a successful sailing season and cooperation of all judging team members is assigned.


Assembly for all races, unless otherwise indicated in the Sailing schedule, will be


5:15pm Wednesday night for Opti’s (6:00pm race)

5:15pm Thursday nights for MC’s (6:00pm race)

10:15am Sundays mornings for MC’s (11:00am race)



Sailboat racing, like other competitive sports, has a large number of rules designed to control the manner in

which races are sailed. Unlike most other sports, sailing requires continuous concentration for a long period of time

which sometimes leads to tired, frustrated sailors. While racing rules offer the means to determine right from wrong

in a physical or technical sense, they are unable to measure the difference between good sportsmanship and

poor sportsmanship. Therefore, the rules give considerable latitude to the judges to assess penalties, including disqualification,

for unsportsmanship like conduct before, during or after a race. This judgment is based not only on flagrant or

deliberate violation of the racing rules, but also for such actions as verbal abuse, intimidation, or a deliberate

attempt to cause injury or damage, including any action that exceeds the boundaries of good manners. 


Winning without good sportsmanship means very little. Races should be won on the lake, not at the

judges’ table. The proper attitude by our skippers and attentive rule enforcement by our judges, 

including those of sportsmanship, will provide enjoyable racing for everyone.



Local Sailing Rules & Reminders for Boats

#1 All protests must be filed within one half hour after the Judge’s boat docks at the

Lake Club pier after the race. Protests will be heard by the Judging Team at that time.



#2 The “1” Minute Rule” is in effect at the start of all races. Boats who have crossed the starting line any time in the final one minute before the start of the race must return to the rear of the line by going around the outside of a starting line mark. They cannot return by crossing the established starting line.



#3 The individual recall flag will be flown when a boat or boats cross the starting line prematurely. The judges will attempt to hail the boat(s) who have crossed early, but are not obligated to hail premature boats. We will not abide by the early sudden death rule.



#4 Two boats must be present for a race to start (MC and Opti’s only). The number of races per day and race configuration will be determined by the judging team and sailors that day.



#5 Scoring will be per the USSA RRS Rule Book except as follows: We will use the low point system for scoring. Judges have the right to assign last places if a race completion time becomes excessive in length.


                                                                       Minimum                                                  Maximum

                                            a. “I”                   ---                720 degrees                           ---

                                                Or                   3 places      20% of starters                      Last

                                            b. DNF                ---                ---                                           Last (that race) + 1

                                            c. DSQ                5 places      50% of starters                      Last (that race) + 1

                                            d. DNS                ---               100% of registered fleet          ---


             Registered Fleet defined as: Those sailors who participated in at least 6 fleet races, have paid their sailing                      dues or fees and are members in good standing. This is recorded this way so a “DNS” designation has the                      same value all season long and not dependant on how many sailors showed up on a particular day.


             Scoring of Substitute Sailors (Substitute / Ringer Sailors): The scores of sailors that are substitutes for                        another fleet sailor will be ignored for season scoring. Therefore, all sailors that place behind a substitute will                    score one place higher. Substitutes are defined as sailors that are not signed up for the fleet and not paying the              sailing dues or fees. The sailor not sailing will be treated as a “DNS”.


             Scoring for sailors that find a substitute: “DNS”


             Scoring for sailors that “do not” find a substitute: “DNS”


             Season standings: Will be based on a sailor’s individual scores and not the scores of

             someone else sailing their boat. Scores of the sailor will be recorded and not of the boat.



#6 If you touch a mark, you may do a 360 degree.



#7 Throw Outs:

                    a. Wednesday Opti Series at 6:00 pm – Two throw outs

                    b. Thursday and Sunday MC and X-Boats Series at 11:00 am – Two throw-outs.


At the end of the year, there will be no make-up races after the last regular series race.



#8 Starting Sequence:


                         Minutes to Start                      Flags                           Sound

Time:                6:00 Courtesy Warning             No Flags                      1 Short Horn

                         5:00 Warning                            Class MC flag up         1 Short Horn

                         4:00 Preparatory                       I Flag up                      1 Short Horn

                         1:00 1 Minute Warning              I Flag Down                 1 Long Horn

                         0:00 Start                                   Class Flag Down         1 Short Horn


                          Other Signals:

                          - General Recall                                                            3 Short Horn

                          - Restart Race


                           X-Boats to sail 5 minutes after MC boats except when they have a regatta.



#9 Make-ups for Sunday will be sailed after the following regular scheduled series race (Sunday after a Sunday). There will be no make-up races held on the weekend of the 4th of July. They will be postponed until the following regular Sunday Series.



#10 Any member in good standing can sail any boat at any time for Sunday races. Some exceptions may be made for family members with permission of the chief judge. The trophy goes to the sailor that is part of the fleet.



#11 Judges may delay a Sunday race up to 1 hour and evening race up to 1/2 hour. Evening races are short courses. A race may be cancelled based on the following wind velocity guidelines and will be the decision of the judging team that race.


Wind Velocity Guidelines:


                              Class             Minimum  Wind               Maximum Steady              Maximum Gust

                              C                    5 mph                               25 mph                               25 mph

                              MC                 5 mph                               20 mph                               25 mph

                              X                     3 mph                               20 mph                              25 mph

                              Opti                3 mph                               20 mph                               25 mph (senior fleet)

                              Opti                 3mph                               15mph                                20mph (green fleet)



#12 There will be no weight limit.



#13 Sailors will be allowed to take aid during a race and continue to race after aid is given.

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