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MC Scow

Sailing Committee Members
Youth and Adult Chairman - Jeff Fellows
I.L.Y.A. Delegates - Jeff Fellows and Jef Fitch
W.Y.A. Delegate - Jeff Fellows
Represenative - Jeff Fellows
MC Scow - Sailors Representative - Jeff Fitch

Score Keeper - Jeff Fellows


2017 MC Fleet Sailors

Name | Boat/Sail Number

  • Jim Ethington       #2101

  • Jeff Fellows          #2130

  • Max Fellows         #2498

  • Sam Fellows         #2513

  • Paul Fischer         #1596

  • Jef Fitch               #2423

  • Elliot Fitch            #1459

  • Steve Warzyn       #1638

  • Rick Wetzel          #1868

  • Chris Mortonson  #1467

  • Scott Gass           #2209

2019 Adult Sailing Program - MC Scow

I am pleased to say that we are heading into our seventh season of racing MC Scows at the Oconomowoc Lake Club. Our fleet's focus is on having fun on the water, while participating in the activity. This was the reason for the formation of the fleet back in 1896.

We are looking for more members that are interest in sailing and/or judging at the OLC. It is a great excuse to get off your sofa or get out of your yard and join us for some great fun on the water. We sail two times per week (both races not required) and end up at Dockside having food and drinks with good friends. What could be better than that? In addition, we invite interested sailors on the boats for Thursday races. Spectators are always welcome aboard the judges' boat to watch races and learn how to judge and race. I even think I can get the MC sailors into Opt's for the first annual MC Sailor Opti Races.

Adult Group Sailing Lessons

This season we are going to offer "Adult" group sailing lessons. This is in addition to private sailing lessons. The lessons will teach the fundamentals of sailing with classroom and on-the-water lessons. Ideally, our goal is to get you into the weekly fleet races. We are fortunate to have our own Club MC to teach lessons. In addition, we can do some on the water training in the youth Optimist boats. Based on lesson demand, we will create a schedule that best works for the group.


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