Step into the Zenda University (ZU) course, get tuned up and start your 2017 MC Scow campaign off right! The Melges and North Sails instructors, Andy Burdick and Jim Gluek, continue to develop new ways to teach you how to go fast.



To further progress and promote MC Scow racing for those who are eager to learn and take in professional knowledge within a casual, fun atmosphere, ultimately making individuals better sailors by encouraging the enjoyment of the sport of sailing to the fullest.  “Learn what and how to practice in your Melges MC Scow.”



“Zenda University was a great experience for a new skipper like me.  I had crewed for other boats in a prior life but had not skippered many races until last year.  ZU was what I needed to get more competitive and comfortable on the racecourse.  Having Andy and Jim instruct during actual races was invaluable.  They helped me get my rigging tuned and helped me with sail trim so my boat speed was competitive.  We practiced a lot of crowded starts and mark rounding’s so the chaos was like a regatta.  I went home with a list of things to practice and how to practice them.   Those two days have given me more confidence in my decision-making abilities on the racecourse.  There were many times during the races that I was contemplating a tactical decision but wasn't sure if I was right or not.  Having Andy tell me to do something that I was already thinking was a huge boost to my confidence.  After ZU, I am now racing with my home fleet instead of chasing them from a leg behind.  Sailboat racing has just gotten a lot more fun. “  Sally Payne – Big Cedar Lake, WI  



WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7th – Oconomowoc Lake Club (OLC) will be open so you can rig and prepare your boat for the start of the Zenda University Course.  Help and refreshments will be available after 4p.m.  


THURSDAY, JUNE 8th - DAY ONE OF THE ZENDA UNIVERSITY COURSE – Breakfast is served at 7:30 a.m.  Introduction to MC Scow Zenda University begins at 9:00 a.m.  Please make sure your boat is rigged and race ready by this time.   Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all beverages are included all days. 


FRIDAY, JUNE 9th - DAY TWO OF THE ZENDA UNIVERSITY COURSE – Breakfast is served at 7:30a.m.  9a.m. start up.  Be ready for another day of training on and off the water. Awards to follow the day of sailing.  Breakfast, lunch, awards ceremony and all beverages are included.


Awards ceremony and party sponsored by Melges Performance Sailboats, North Sails Zenda and The OLC. 




Oconomowoc Lake Club (OLC) Contact:  Jeff Fellows (c: 414-745-3341)

4668 Lake Club Circle Email:  jjf@wi.rr.com

Oconomowoc, WI  53066





*The Race Instructor Boats Have The Right Away At All Times*

1. Corinthian sailing is required at all times. 

Please help your partner and learn from the experience of having a training partner.

This will advance your sailing. 

2. No Protests! If you foul someone you must do a 720. 

3. Leeward gates may be used. 

4. There will not be an offset. 

5. Your starting line will be between two marks. 

6. When finishing downwind your finish line will be between your two starting marks. 

When finishing upwind your finish line will be between the windward mark and the instructor boat.  

3 Minute starts will be in effect. Horn signals and verbal announcements will be made (no flags). 

7. The one minute rule is in effect for all starts. 

8. Most Importantly: Stay near the starting area at all times for important announcements, course changes, race starts and drill schedules. Stay close, we will not wait to start a race! 




This is an instructional regatta.  We will have official races and awards for the racing.  During these races you will receive personal coaching and advice.  By following the race guidelines we can better instruct you.  Awards will be given out at the official ZU ceremony on Friday afternoon.



Your entry must be confirmed or received prior to May 1st.  Please make your check payable to the Oconomowoc Lake Club and mail well in advance to the address above.  Please email Jeff so we know you are planning on coming to the event.


SPECIAL NOTE: There is a limit of 16 participants to the course.  Reservations will be counted on a first come, first serve basis.  


Again, please have your boat rigged and ready to sail by Wednesday evening June 7th. Dry sailing and mooring can be accommodated.  Please feel free to call if you need any help.  Be ready for some fun! We can guarantee your advancement in your boat during this intense sailing experience. To gear up your 2017 campaign, you will want to attend the Zenda University Melges MC Scow course.


See you there! 



The Melges & North Sails Teams and The Oconomowoc Lake Club


4668 N Lake Club Circle - Oconomowoc, WI - 53066

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