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August 6, 2021

6:00 PM

Evenings Path

Lavish legacies on the lake


Friday, August 5, 2022

5:00 PM  |  $150++ per person

Members of the OLC,


Please join me for our member only, annual Ambassador Gala on Friday, August 5th! This is the OLC formal event of the year, and as those who attended last year’s gala can attest, this is one event you don’t want to miss! 


We are officially in the home stretch of our 3-year club renovation plan, and this year’s Ambassador Gala is our key fundraiser to finish the project which includes the Dockside kitchen and interior, pier infrastructure, and club entrance. Without the monetary support and encouragement from our loyal members, the recent projects in the Great Hall, Sam’s Bistro, and the Commodore dining area would not have been possible. To everyone who has contributed and continue to support these projects, thank you! The club has never been in better shape because of your generous contributions.   


This year, we have two major projects we need to fund, and we need your help to pull it off. It will take a big, combined effort from member donations and the club’s operating budget to make it happen, but I’m confident in our ability to finish the project and position our club to prosper for decades to come.  


Dockside Renovation- Fundraising Goal: $500,000


Our growing club and record use of Dockside in the summer months has put difficult demands on our amazing kitchen and bar staff who are working with antiquated equipment and limited resources. An upgrade to our kitchen and bar equipment and a more cohesive layout in both areas will provide the staff with the ability to offer enhanced menu items, and a operate more efficiently – all of which will lead to better member experiences while dining at Dockside.


In addition, a renovated design to the interior of Dockside will provide a casual, coastal feel that will provide year-round enjoyment in a relaxed bar and grill setting with unparalleled views. The Dockside interior has so much potential to be a spectacular space, and our friends at Collaborative Design have put forth an amazing design that will deliver on our expectations and member feedback for the space.    


Building Foundation and Pier Repair – Total Cost: $350,000


As you may know or have seen, the literal concrete foundation of the OLC adjacent to the lake is crumbling and is in serious need of repair, as is the pier structure and decking. We have engineered a great long-term solution to the building’s foundation utilizing the pier project as an element to stabilize the erosion we are experiencing. In doing so, we will have a pier that is entirely cohesive in look and feel with less annual maintenance while helping to fix our building’s foundation. We hope to fund this project through a combination of member donations and the OLC’s operating budget.  


Please join me for what promises to be a very memorable 2022 Ambassador Gala! Let’s raise some money and help position the OLC to be the most desirable club in southeast Wisconsin for years to come.


See you there!


Fuzzy Marek



If you would consider providing an item or experience for the event auction, please reach out to  

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